Monday, September 20, 2010

Paperwork Frustration Part I

We are in a paperwork frenzy at our house. I shredded three garbage bags of old paperwork at the end of the summer, and now my husband has been organizing the never-ending stream of papers that are generated at his work. In the process, we have piles everywhere. This morning as my daughter was leaving for school, I realized that she was missing her permission slip for a field trip next Thursday. I asked my hubby if he had seen several pieces of colored paper folded in half.

His response was unambigous, "No, haven't seen it."

I searched the car, the house, and a large stack of papers on the coffee table. After about 20 minutes, the hubby says, "Hey, I might have put it over there in that bowl."

Hmmmm. The bowl that is supposed to be for the remote contol and the spare key? Hmmmm. Sure enough it was in the bowl, and after all of the drama, the permission slip doesn't need to be turned in until next Monday. When I left my husband, he was sitting on the back deck drinking a cup of coffee and that is the story I'm sticking with.

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