Friday, September 17, 2010

I am really, really proud of my kids, and I'm being redundant Part I

I am very proud of my children. They are both talented, smart young women. N, the oldest, is passionate about singing. After being forced to go to Opera Camp after her sophomore year, she fell in love with opera. Although she is naturally talented, she also works very hard, practicing at least an hour every day. She had the lead in her school musical her sophomore year, but ended up with a small part her junior year. Yes, I'm bragging, but hang in there because it is relevant to the story. So last week were try-outs for the fall musical. She's a senior, a busy senior with lots of stuff on her plate. But I knew how much this meant to her. Getting a small part would crush her. I gave her all the usual mom-isms like "Just do your best; that's all you can do!" and sent her out the door with a smile and a wave. It is so painful because I have no control over the outcome. I am powerless to protect my baby against 'life.'

"Call me!" I told N before she left for school the next morning. The cast list was scheduled to be posted at noon, and I knew that I would be on edge all day.

"Mom, you know that I'm not allowed to use my cell phone at school."

My response was totally logical, "You don't have to follow the rules today because I need to know what's going on. Just sneak into the bathroom and call me."

I just got 'the look.' If you're a mom you know 'the look'. The look says, "my life is hell because my real mommy that lives in a mansion, with a stable full of horses and a swimming pool in the back yard hasn't shown up to rescue me, so I am stuck with this pathetic excuse for a mom."

So I get a text a work from her best friend M_H_ at noon. It reads, "Hi, this is m_h_. I got the lead and N is the queen!"

I squeal, jump up and down, and text back, "AWESOME!"

When N gets home she is just beaming. She tells me all about M_H_'s part. I ask if she's happy with her part, and she says, "YES!" [sidebar: these are conversations with teenagers, so there are lots of words in caps with exclamation points.] N goes on to observe that she's had her chance to have the lead, but M_H_ has had small parts over the years and really deserves the lead. M_H_ is a talented girl and will do a great job. Natalie's part is an over-the-top character role with lots of monologue and one solo. She is thrilled. I am thrilled.

This part will give her a chance to work on her acting, and because she is not in every scene, she doesn't have to be at practice every day. But the BEST PART in my book is that N is the kind of friend who is truly happy for M_H_. I am more proud of her support for M_H_ than I am of her getting a really plum part in the school musical. It's a mom thing.

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