Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I am in a total panic. I just received an email from Em's school; the first case of confirmed head lice has been discovered at her school. I know that your scalp just started itching when you read "head lice." Mine does, too. I am sorry, but that is the reality when you are a mom. So far, we have never had head lice. Two years ago, Em was exposed to head lice at a slumber party. I went into hysterics, bagged everything with fabric, washed, vacuumed and scrubbed like a maniac. I then went to Em's soccer practice and sat with the Stepford moms at her new school. When I announced that I was going to save time and burn down my house, they actually recoiled in horror. The lesson learned: women dressed stylishly with perfectly coiffed hair, matched mani and pedi's, and full make-up in 90 degree weather do not appreciate arsonist humor. Oh well; their loss.