Friday, March 19, 2010

Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding me? Two stories this week about infidelity with eery similarities made the front pages.

The first on the cover of GQ was Rielle Hunter, the mistress of former presidential candidate John Edwards. Wearing an oversized man's shirt and pearls and posing provacatively, she was upset and appalled that the pictures made her look like a sexed-up tramp. She went on to explain that her affair was okay because John's marriage was just a sham, Elizabeth was a control freak, and she and John were in love.

The second was Joslyn James, a porn star and now ex-girlfriend of Tiger Woods. She just released over 100 text messages supposedly sent to her from Tiger. She is mad because she thought that he was faithful to her ie., she was the ONLY girlfriend of a married man. Apparently, she wants the world to know that she would never have been in this relationship if she had to share him with anyone else except his wife.

When my husband and I were first married, he came home from work and told me about a woman he had known casually through work for years. She had never shown any interest in him. Then he got married and sported a wedding ring. She commented on the ring, then hit on him. Yes, my husband is hot stuff, but her message was clear, "I am interested in you now because its a competition."

To Rielle and Joslyn- it's not a competition. You are the other woman. You are committing adultery. If it is "true love" and you are meant to be together, the married men in your lives can get a divorce and then and only then is it morally okay for you to live out your version of happily ever after. Divorce really is pretty simple; you find a lawyer (John is one and Tiger probably has a whole team) go to the courthouse and file papers, and a judge splits your stuff in two. You don't need your spouses permission, and they can't stop you from getting a divorce. I know because I did it. Neither one of you appears to be worth the hassle so take a seat on the clue bus.

Rielle- keep your pants on when you're being photographed and when you're hanging out with married men and maybe people won't think you're a slut.

Joslyn- the only woman who deserved an apology got one.

Finally to the spouses- Tiger you seem to be on the right track. Your apology was not the most eloquent statement that I've ever heard, but he seems to be following it up with action. On the other hand, John Edwards denied his child, persuaded another guy to take the fall, and expected his wife and everyone in America to buy his load of crap. I think the days of pretty boy crying and having us believe him are over. I'm not convinced that John Edwards understands this. Elin- you have shown incredible restraint. Elizabeth- you have my thoughts and prayers. Keep fighting!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I am still reeling from daylight savings time and having a cold, and now I have been attacked by the New York Times. Well, not me personally, but I do include myself in the mommy blogger category even if I have not advertised my blog. Apparently, blogs are over. No one who is anyone blogs anymore. Tweeting is the new blog- faster, pithier, and a hit with the kids. Call me old-fashioned because I still own a typewriter and occasionally play solitaire with a real deck of cards, but I think that I will stick with blogging- for now.