Saturday, November 21, 2009

"Mom, what do you want for Christmas?" asked my two beautiful daughters N & Em in unison.

I gave them my stock answer to the 'What do you want?' question. "I want peace on earth; good will to mom."

Both girls rolled their eyes in unison and responded, "Seriously Mom. What do you want for Christmas?"

"Seriously, I want peace on earth; good will to mom."

"You never get that!"

We have this conversation often. I would like to be able to speak like a Hallmark greeting card and tell the world that I have everything that I want. I don't. But I do have everything that I need. I share this with my children every year, as well. By now, you get an accurate picture of my children being lectured on a continual basis. But this year was different. I had my answer- the Snuggie. I am fascinated by the family sitting on bleachers looking like happy druids, warm and cheering in their bright blue Snuggies. Then I saw the dog snuggie, and it all came together. The dog and I in matching snuggies sitting on the couch, when in walks one of my daughters with their unsuspecting friends, and the next thing you know, I stand up and cheer with a dog in my arms because my children are home. The embarrassment factor is through the roof. The look of horror on my children's faces was priceless when I announced I wanted matching snuggies for me and the dog (a Maltese).

"You're not getting a snuggie!"

"But you asked me what I wanted?"

"You're not getting a snuggie!"

Keeping in mind that I will ultimately pay for my own Christmas gift, I decided that the snuggie was not going to happen. It is neither practical nor beautiful. The Snuggie has no back; it is literally a blanket with arms and is only useful for lounging. I seldom get to lounge on the couch and do nothing. In fact, It's hard for me to do nothing because there is always something that needs to be done. My children make doing nothing look easy, but that is because they practice whenever they get the chance. But it is Christmas, and N & Em really want to do something - something nice for me.

I honestly couldn't think of anything that I needed, until I crossed the parking lot at the grocery store on a very cold night and saw one lonely leather glove on the ground. Leather gloves! I have 3 single gloves which I keep just on the off chance I will find the missing glove. But I have no gloves to wear while I am driving. Perfect! N & Em are off shopping, and we can all be happy when we open presents. I wonder if they realize that I will get what I want- leather gloves to wear when I drive and good will to Mom.

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