Saturday, October 10, 2009

"You should write a blog," said my friends from college when we met for our annual weekend getaway this summer. I agreed with the same kind of enthusiasm that my kids show when they agree to clean their rooms. Its the 'say "yes" and hope they go away' strategy. Soon articles on how to sign up for a blog started appearing in my email box, followed by links to other bloggers, then encouraging but less than subtle emails asking when I was going to start my blog. I have always had the luck and good fortune of having good friends- loyal, honest, smart and funny. So I knew that I needed to follow through. Since I am not known for my computer prowess, I naturally turned to an expert, my 12 year old daughter. Fearless on the computer, she quickly helped me set up at blog. So this morning, I sat down with a strong cup of coffee to come up with a clever little blog name, something short, pithy, descriptive. Mom angst- taken. Mommy angst- taken. Dork Mom- taken. Dorky Mom- really taken. Geek Mom, Geeky Mom, Geekier Mom, Geekiest Mom- all taken. Add Capitols, dashes and dots? It might work, but it would be too confusing for the 3 friends I have who might actually try to find the blog. Maybe a phrase- 'just a minute mom' - taken- along with all the dashes and dot permutations. I am momentarily sidetracked by a really cool T-shirt & chochky site called zazzle. They are selling a shirt that says 'I LOVE DORKS.' Tempting. They also have a shirt with a grizzly bear head that says 'Goddess killing machine.' I am interested until I realize that I misread it, and it really says 'Godless killing machine.' I obviously need more coffee. Still no name. "All the good names are taken," I thought to myself. nice phrase, long but clever.... and taken. Seriously! How many people are out there drinking coffee and running amok on the internet. Apparently, 25,840,209 people before me have established unique URL names and over 10,000,000 people blog every day. Okay, so I'm a little slow to get on the bandwagon. I have one more piece of useless information and no blog name. But it does explain why I wanted Dork Mom for my blog site. How about raised in a barn mom? I grew up on a farm (I've gots the creds), and I ask my children this all the time. I hold my breath and google. No hits. No bloggers called 'raised in a barn mom.' I google all the various permutations with dots and dashes- no hits. The 12 year old tries to convince me that tacking mom on the end is redundant. Unfortunately the web site disagrees, so I will stick with 'Were you raised in a barn mom' for my official blog site. I'm done and so is the coffee. If only the rest of my day would be this productive. I've written a letter that appropriately used some of my favorite words (pithy and amok) and my daughter Em used the word redundant in a very grown up conversation. Life is good. Now I have a blog name that I might be able to remember, unless of course mom #25,840,210 beats me to it.


N & Em's mom

PS Goddess killing Machine would be a great name for an all girl band.

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