Saturday, October 17, 2009

We have the flu. The house has that nasty smell of lysol-masked illness. Wads of kleenex and empty sprite cans litter the coffee table. The Disney channel blares all day long. My normally independent daughters want to cling to me like the baby monkeys do with their mothers at the zoo- only while coughing in my face when I'm trying to cook dinner. I have no patience for the flu or the whininess that comes with it. But it does give me (in my mind) yet another valid reason for not doing what I promised my husband- installing the floor.

We have been walking on plywood flooring in the family room for weeks. When we bought the house, the carpet was nearly new and a shade of off-white, an instant problem for any regular person with children. I made the problem worse by spilling a full cup of coffee in the middle of the room; the stain never completely came out. Then I actually walked on the carpet which is what people who have carpet and can keep it clean don't do. They only reason I kept it for 4 years was I had too many other projects on the front burner and a finite amount of cash to spend on my house that was in 'move in condition.'

After the dog mysteriously injured his tail and bled everywhere and several rainy days in a row had everyone tracking in mud, I was in crisis mode. The carpet had to go. Luckily, I found the perfect solution. Cheap, easy to clean, and no professional installation required, trafficMASTER laminate flooring was on sale at Home Depot. Each "wood" strip has an adhesive strip on each side. You just lay down the strips, and they stick together. Score the strip and snap to cut. Perfect! I brought home a box for the husband to okay. Then it was back to the store to pick up enough flooring for a 20x20' room. Only they didn't have enough of the same lot. No problem! We went to the next home depot 15 (city traffic) miles away. After a whole day pulling up carpet and tacks, the floor was finally going in. It was a breeze for the first 3 feet, then I saw the gouge in the plywood. It was a big gouge. Back to Home Depot for floor patch with 4 hours of minimum dry time. But somewhere on the highway between my house and Home Depot for the umpteenth time, I lost my will to floor.

"When are you going to put in the floor?" is the first thing that my husband asks everyday. He has apparently forgotten that I called dibs on nagging in this relationship. Dishes, laundry, work, classes, Project Runway, reading 'The Hunger Games,' the occasional shower, and a solid 6 hours of sleep every night distract me from the task at hand. This morning as we snuggled in bed, the husband and I planned to spend the afternoon putting in the floor...... until he got sick. He is now officially the last person in the house to get the flu. As he sleeps upstairs, I am disappointed that we will not be working together, but I am determined to finish this floor and live out what I have learned about nagging: it is better to give than receive.

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  1. Yes, I can have some humor to look forward to from a dear friend. Congrats on getting it all set up.