Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I am in fashionista mode. After reading the preceeding sentence, my good friends have fallen off their chairs and hit the ground laughing. I have been devoid of any interest in fashion for decades. Once I had children, if it wasn't capable of surviving the washing machine, it didn't go into my closet. My dog gets more hair cuts than I do. And my children realized in kindergarten that I was not like the other moms; I had no fashion shame.

By the time they were in junior high, I had figured out how to use this to my advantage- not ready to go to school on time? Mom might take you in her pajamas and fuzzy slippers, get out of the car, and wave at your friends. Did I ever do it? No. But my children knew that I would.

Then something changed. I don't know if it is my children growing up and giving me a premature empty nest syndrome or the realization that they no longer wear things that are pink and sparkly and actually have stuff that I want to wear. Either way, I was ready for fashion insight when I found this amazing web site with 4 million followers. Run by Tavi Gevinson, a 13 year old fashionista, it is inspiring. I am looking at fashion in a whole new way, as self-expression. Although this seems obvious to anyone into fashion, I had always assumed that my fashion future would continue to be one of avoidance, trying hard not to dress like the stereotypical cat lady in floral prints, cardigan sweaters with holes, mismatched socks, and house slippers.


In my attempt to become somewhat 'fashionable' I purchased a beautiful scarf to go with Grandma's broaches.

Instead, I find myself inspired by Tavi's site. I am now paying attention to what others are wearing, watching Project Runway with more interest, and even occasionally accessorizing. I spent my teens and twenties feeling awkward in my own skin, always asking myself if I could carry off a new or trendy look. By my mid thirties, I had two small children and spent most of my time in baggy t-shirts and sweatpants. But now I have the right fashion mix- no fashion shame with a desire for self-expression.


In fact, I find myself enjoying shiny shoes!

It has taken me more than 4 decades to learn this. This is why I am so fascinated by this young woman who has such clear vision of who she is at such a young age. Something tells me that she never looks at herself and asks if she can carry a look off. She is willing to be herself without letting the world edit who she is. I am learning a lot from this young woman.

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